Academic Teams

Student reading bookAcademic teams are a unique part of the middle school experience at OKMS. They strive to provide students opportunities to grow physically and mature academically under the caring and watchful eyes of not just one teacher-as in the elementary school experience- but under the professional eyes of a team of several teachers.  

Other elements of the teaming experience include the following:

  • Gives students the feeling of belonging to a small support group with common goals.
  • Allows the group of teachers to share a common planning time every other day.
  • Ensures departmental balance and consistency across the curriculum and in instructional programs.
  • Results in a more productive environment and serves as an effective method for dealing with issues such as human relations, responsibility, and citizenship.

2022–2023 Sixth Grade Academic Teams

Team Renaissance
Kristin Perini - Language Arts
Kathy Upton - Math
Jennifer Allen - Social Studies
Brittany Horning - Science

Team Crusaders
Sarah Gery - Language Arts
Angie Sponaugle - Math
Meg Moberg - Science
Donna Smith - Social Studies

Team Camelot
Jamie Sudol - Language Arts
Ashley Neal - Language Arts
Ryan Mohs - Math
Elizabeth Heizer - Math
Jamie Brown - Science
Michelle Yordy - Social Studies

2022–2023 Seventh Grade Academic Teams

Team Lancers
Sandy Pascucci - Language Arts
Amanda Ashby - Math
Anthony Sgro - Science
Ella Dillard - Social Studies

Knights of Valor
Amanda Canter - Language Arts
Laura Severns - Math
Meredith Miller - Science
Erin Edmonds - Social Studies

United Knights
Rachelle Jones - Language Arts
Kelsey Mack - Math

Jovial Jousters
Dawn Souza - Language Arts
Elizabeth Heizer - Math

2022–2023 Eighth Grade Academic Teams

Noble Knights
Gwen Smith - Language Arts
Lisa Brown - Math
Courtney Bishop - Science
Justin Blunt - Social Studies

Starry Knights
Andi Metzler - Language Arts
Mike Tewksbury - Math
Jennifer Galderise - Science
Cyndie Pettit - Social Studies

Fearless Knights
Susanne Ross- Language Arts
Erin Bunting - Math

Gallant Knights
Diane Miffleton - Language Arts
Kelsey Keith - Language Arts
Robert Regan - Math

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